2018 protest Rules in divisions with protest rule (NOT ) listed in their rules (Antioch speedway-nc)

1. After protest has been filed and money has been put up, it will not be returned for any reason. Protest cannot be
taken down once it is filed; this is to avoid swapping money, which is unfair to rest of field.
2. For protest money to go to car that has been protested, he must tear down and be checked and found legal.
3. Protests or questions will be made by driver only.
4. To protest any car in the field, you must finish directly behind them or protest all cars between. Must be on lead lap
at checkered flag. Protested car may back pull protesting car only on equal or less items.
5. All protests must be submitted to the Tech man within five (5) minutes after the first car has crossed the scales.
6. Driver filing protest is all that will be allowed in protest area other than security and track officials.
7. All visual protests must be made in the same manner, as other protests except they have to be made before any
Main Events start. Cost is $25. Bodies are not protest item and will be governed by track.
8. Cost of protest in all divisions: two (2) items $300 top only. One protest per car per night- this is to stop any spite
protest. (But may pull fuel also) Acceptance fee is $100 for protest. The protested car to accept the protest will put up
this fee. If found to be legal, acceptance fee will be returned along with protest money MINUS tech fee ($100). This
money goes to the track. If illegal, acceptance fee goes to track. Money and points will be forfeited.9. Protested cars
have (5) minutes to accept or refuse protest. After acceptance, protested car has 5 mins. to back pull protesting car. If
he or she accepts the protest, parts must be ready for inspection within one (1) hour. (Tech man discretion)

.PROTEST: (Two things only) $300 with track retaining $100.($100 acceptance fee)1. Bottom End protest: $600 with
track retaining $100.(100 acceptance fee)2. 602 gm crate protest Any protest items not specifically covered below are
considered track protest items, track protest rules will apply (this does include Claimable items).

1-Complete engine teardown: $1000 ($200 acceptance fee) - Engine will be impounded and checked by certified
builder.  $200 to the builder, $200 to the track $800 to the winner of the protest.

Non Sealed (engines that have been unsealed, not resealed by certified builder) $700 ($300 acceptance fee)- Engine
will be impounded and checked by a certified builder ($200 to builder- $200 to the track $600 to winner of the protest).
....3. UNDERHOOD VISUAL PROTEST: $50 Straight fee to look for carb # (After Heats Only!).4. Tire Chemical Protest:
$150.00 per tire to protest
2018 Protest Rules