Is Your Teen Responsible Enough for Limo Service?

There is a common dilemma that many parents face at some point when raising teenagers. Teens want to rent luxury vehicles from limo services, usually splitting the expense with a group of friends. They feel they are responsible enough to handle the responsibility of a night out on their own, since there is an adult driver playing chauffeur. The problem is they have to convince their parents that they are responsible enough, and that the money should be spent for them to have this opportunity .

If you are a parent of a teen and aren’t so certain that your child needs a limousine service to get his date to the school dance or to her group of friends to a special event across town, you are not alone. Many parents are driven to headaches thinking about the trouble that their kids could get into while wandering around in a limo service without parental supervision.

There are some solutions to the problem without requiring you to say no to your child:

1. See if the kids will agree to one adult joining them in the limo. This adult doesn’t have to tag along for the dance or whatever social event they are attending, but will be present inside the limo just to make sure that everything goes as planned and there are no problems. Depending on the age of your teen, some limo services may require parental observation regardless. Make sure to check policies, as that would solve the problem quickly.

2. Talk to the limo service and then the specific limo driver picking up your teens. Make sure they are aware of the ages of the passengers and instruct the driver to only go to destinations you have provided on a list, and nowhere else. It is not the job of a limo service to babysit your kids and they will not want to be held responsible for anything that may happen with your kids in the limo, but you should make sure they know where your children are allowed to be taken in the limo.

3. Talk to your child about responsible behavior while inside a limo. Teenagers old enough to take limos to a school dance or other social functions should be old enough to understand what responsibility is and how they should behave when inside a limo. If you feel they are not taking it seriously, then you may question whether they are mature enough to go for the ride.

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