Getting Ready For A Cheek Implant Surgery

When you intend to have a cheek implant surgery, you must first need to find the best surgeon possible. Look for someone who is licensed and have an extensive experience in the field of augmenting cheeks using implants. It will also help that you further discuss things that you need to for the procedure Chin Cheek Implants Seattle.

On your consultation, you have to be honest with your surgeon when it comes to the medical history of your family. It is important because there may be contraindications and may put you at risk for complications after. After that, you will be subjected to medical examinations necessary to see if you really are an ideal candidate for the procedure. Almost all surgeons do the examinations in their clinic or the hospital they are in to avoid false or forged test results.

If everything goes well, you will be schedule for a surgery. But before getting really excited for the procedure you must also prepare yourself well for the procedure. First, you will be given a list of pre-operative things that you have to do and avoid. This often includes stopping from smoking weeks before the surgery. Then it will also stopping in taking certain medications and supplements that can affect you during and after the surgery. Alcoholic beverages are also a no-no weeks prior to the procedure as it can also thin out the blood and lessen its capability to clot and have your wounds close and heal. Sometimes even just nicotine patches are prohibited particularly if you are having a fat transfer to the cheek. It can compromise results due to the possible death of fat cells once transferred, so it is really strictly stipulated that said habits be stopped weeks before the operation.

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