Antioch Speedway

Here's your chance to own North Carolina's
largest dirt speedway and off road motor
sports park!!!

My name is Danny Smith. My father and I have owned Antioch Speedway since 1998, and he
leased the property for a couple of years before that.

Owning and operating Antioch Speedway has been the most incredible opportunity of my
lifetime. My father and I got to work side by side putting on events that I will never forget. Over
the past 20+ years, I have had the pleasure of being a part of over 500 stock car races and
several other off road motor sports events and concerts on the 77.8 +/- acre property.

For the first time in our lives, we are seriously considering putting this park up for sale. We did
almost make a deal on selling the property about 6 years ago, but at that time we just were
not ready to make that deal and never really advertised the property for sale.

The reason for us to sell the property is that my father and I are both entering the final
chapters in our lifetime. My father has always been the type of man who has wanted to
provide for his wife and family. As he looks down the road on what he has to leave behind to
his wife and siblings leaving a speedway to everyone to fight over just does not make good

So, we have both decided that it is time to sell the property. We are both getting older and
just not able to take care of the place the way we used to when we were younger and full of

I look back at our place when we really had it shining. Everything was freshly painted each
year, we had both a racing facility and entertainment package to entertain the whole family
each and every week. . We had our 14' x 14' mega tron screen up high above the
grandstands with 3 camera angles for people to be able to see close up action and replays of
the hottest action on the speedway. One year when we were at our peak, we averaged 81
stock cars per night and people came from 4 states to race and enjoy the racing each and
every week. And another year, our 6 points champions came from 6 different counties and 3
different states.

Also, our annual Easter hare scramble with the Mid East Hare Scramble group continues to
be one of the largest motor sports events held in the state of North Carolina. Each year over
600 racers and thousands of race fans come from all over the world to watch the hare
scramble race on the 7 mile course on the property. Antioch Speedway is probably the most
spectator friendly property on that circuit each year. The place is so full of people each year
that people have to park outside the main gate just to find a placed to park.

We are listing the speedway and 5 properties that go along with it at 77.8 +/- acres along with
all of the equipment, buildings, 2 septic systems and facilities for sale for $795,000.00
We would consider owner financing up to 80% of the deal ( maybe a little more ) if a person
or corporation wants to go that route. We have no debt on the property other than our
monthly power bills and annual property taxes which should help make for a very smooth

If owning North Carolina's largest dirt track and off road motor sports park is in your future,
make us an offer. We will consider all serious offers on this property.

If we do not sell the property before the next race season, we will still host motor sports
events. Jason Smoot has been leasing the property for the past 4 years. He has done a fine
job with our place. He takes care of our property as if he were a member of our family, and we
are truly grateful for everything he has done for Antioch Speedway over the years. We told
Jason in early July about our plans. He told us that this was probably going to be his last year
running the speedway weekly anyway,  and we have talked with him about possibly running
events again in 2019 if the property does not sell.
We have talked about running weekly events, or events every other week, every 3 weeks or
even once per month next year. We will look at that more if we need to in the off season.

My plan is to spread the word on the property myself among people in the racing community
during the month of August, and if I can not find a buyer during that month, then we plan to list
the properties with a broker around the month of September.

I would love to see someone really turn this place into something very special. At one time, we
were looking at adding a paved drag strip between the grandstands and speedway. We were
planning on adding a lake and possible beach with weekend camping to the facility as well.
Time just moves quickly and passed us by before we could make all of our dreams come true.

My email is and my phone number is 828-443-8713
Feel free to contact me anytime.

Below is a good picture of a driver interview on the speedway projected high above the
grandstands on our 14' x 14' Mega Tron screen
Click the picture below for a video of a
Thanksgiving Thunder Late Model race
This sale includes all 5 properties totalling 77.8 +/- acres
shown above
Click this picture for a video of this amazing race!!! Above is 313 adult motorcycle riders
getting ready to take their 12:00pm start time at the annual Easter Hare Scramble on the 7
mile course on the property. The annual Easter weekend hare scramble with the Mid East
Hare Scramble Association
has been one of North Carolina's largest Motor Sports events
each year.