Stock Chevrolet, Ford or Chrysler products are permitted to race.
No full tube chassis in this class. You may run any stock snout with tubes out the back.
Racing Leafs, Trailing Arms & coil springs OK. No 4 Link.
No ladder bar on 5th or 6th coil over.
No coil overs allowed.
Coil Over Eliminators OK.
Welded steel bodied racing shocks OK.
No Adjustable racing shocks or struts.
After market spindles and steering racks OK.
May run 90-10 shock or pull bar on top of rear end.


Bodies may be stock steel as manufactured or you may fabricate body out of aluminum. If you
choose to fabricate you must retain stock look fenders, doors, quarters, top and etc. Plastic front
and rear bumper covers OK. Must have rear closed in.
Track will police this so make it look like the car it represents (Five star on Performance Bodies OK).
10 inch spoiler & 10 inch sail panel OK on driver's side of car.
4 inch cockpit spoiler OK.
Driver side panel may have sail panel hooked to it if so desired.


Engines are open V-8 or V-6 carb motors. No dry sumps engines.
Must have working starter.
No direct drives or in out boxes; must have working forward and reverse gears; Berts OK.


265 series Hoosier, American Racer, Goodyear or Stock Tire (Any Compound).
8 inch or 10 inch wheels OK; Bead locks OK.
Wheel adapters for wide 5 wheels OK.
These rules allow limited Sportsman, Renegade, Crate Sportsman, Super Stock & Pure Stock cars
from various tracks to have another place to run on Friday Nights.
NO WEIGHT LIMIT (No Scales) This makes cars super fast so make them safe.
Vintage T & L / Sportsman Rules