Antioch Speedway's Race Fan Race, Pool Challenge!!!!

Featuring up to $10,000.00 to win from
the North Carolina Education
can increase
your chances
of winning
each week!!!
Here is how to play:

Most Saturday nights, the last number on your wrist band will
represent the starting position of your driver in the Maddox Energey
Drink Division of the night. If your wristband ends in a number 1,
then your driver is the one starting in the number 1 spot in that
division's main event. If your last number on your wristband is the
number 2, then your driver is the driver starting in that number 2
spot. If your last number is 5 then your driver is the driver starting in
the 5th spot and so on. If your last number on your wristband is 0,
the you have every driver starting from 10th on back.

The Maddox Energy Drink division of the night will be announced at
hot lap time each race night. If your driver wins the main event and
passes through tech and makes it to the East Burke Towing, Pugh's
Concrete winners' circle, then come up to the announcer's booth
and get your ticket from the North Carolina Education Lottery for
your chance to win up to $10,000.00

Here's the best part, if you get high number  on your wristband, and
you do not think your driver will win his or her race, you can change
your driver by bringing an empty Maddox Energy can to the
announcer's booth at the speedway. When, you present that empty
can, then you get to choose any driver that you think might win in
that division. If your driver wins, then you win a scratch off ticket to
see if you have won a cash prize from the NC Education Lottery.

There is one other way people can play in the race pool if they do
not have a Facebook page. Simply wear any official Antioch
Speedway t-shirt to the event and that is enough to get a race pool
ticket for the evening. Just come to the announcer's booth to get
your driver's name.
Look Below to see where Madox Energey Drinks can be found in
addition to Antioch Speedway
OLE STORE        203 Burke St.                828-313-1122
    Rodhiss, nc 28667                
LAKE VALLEY        5623 Grace Chaple Rd.               828-267-6475
    Granite Falls, nc 28603                
BUFFALO SHOALS IGA        2887 Buffalo shoals Rd.                828-464-0817
    Newton, nc  28658                
SUNOCO 321 CONVENIENCE        820 Us. Hwy. 321               828-328-1295
    Hickory, nc 28658                
KNOB SUPERETTE        1121 Hwy, 70                828-879-9330
    Hickory, nc 28601                
OAK HILL SUPERETTE        2210 Taylorsville Rd.                828-754-8415
    Lenoir, nc 28645                
SHOP AND SAVE        1302 Morganton Blvd. sw               828-759-7170
    Lenoir, nc 28645                
SHOP AND SAVE        1999 Nc. Hwy. 18 Us 64                828-437-6885
    Morganton, nc 28655                
KOUNTRY MARKET        3280 Hwy. 18 South                828-433-7194
    Morganton, nc 28655                
EL CAPORAL        831 Conover Blvd. West                828-695-6905
    Conover, nc 28613                
Hermanos Chavez        1901 Northwest Blvd. Ste G.                828-464-3605
    Newton, nc  28658                
RACEWAY 0002        31141 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd.                828-322-8708
    Hickory, nc 28602                
SHOP AND SAVE        2205 First Ave. Sw.                828-324-2648
    Hickory, nc 28602                
LAS   ISABELAS        305 First Ave. Sw.                
    Hickory, nc 28602                
ON THE WAY #2        1899 Gastonia Hwy.               704-732-7940
    Linconton, nc 28092                
JET CHECK EXPRESS        2900 Dragstrip Rd.                
    Hudson, nc 28638                
INGCO #2        1120 Old Lenoir Rd.               828-261-2077
    Hickory, nc. 28601                
RONALDS SUPPERERETTE        3440 Highland Ave. ne.                
    Hickory, nc. 28601                
FAIRGROVE FOODS        1370 Fairgrove Church Rd. se.                
    Conover, nc 28613                
XCEL FITNESS        2008 Clement Blvd.                828-324-0265
    Hickory, nc. 28601                
LAKE LOOKOUT MARKET        5730 Oxford School Rd.               828-459-2700
    Claremont, nc. 28610                
NEWTON INDOOR SOCCER        1901 Northwest Blvd. Ste N               
    Newton, nc  28658                
ALL AMERICA RACEWAY        6901 Millersville Rd.                828-632-0115
    Taylorsville, nc. 28681                
WALT ARNEY SUPERETTE        2101 Walt Arney Rd.                828-757-3035
    Lenoir, nc. 28645                
BIG D`S COUNTRY STORE        4500 us. 64/90 west                828-632-7800
    Taylorsville, nc. 28681                
WOW SUPERMARKET        2557 West Franklin Blvd.                704-643-9910
    Gastonia, nc. 28025