Extreme 4 (Front Wheel Drive) - 2014

Stock unless otherwise stated.

1980 or newer front wheel drive, 4 Cylinder passenger cars only. No all wheel drive or all
wheel steering allowed. No station wagons, vans or pick-up trucks.

Body must maintain original dimensions, standard as from the manufacturer.

Floor pan, trunk pan, front and rear inner wheel wells must remain stock and in stock

Interior trim must be removed. (carpet, headliner, side panels, etc)

Hood must be held shut with at least 2 hood pins.

Must add at least 3 crash bars in front of driver.

Fabricated dash board OK.

Must add 20 gauge sheet metal cover rear of seat ( where back seat was located)

Doors must remain in stock location.

Doors must be welded shut in an approved manner.

Doors may only have metal removed to allow for clearance around the roll cage door bars.

Fenders and quarter panels MAY NOT be trimmed for tire clearance.

The inner fenders/wheel wells must remain stock and un-altered.

Must have at least one hoop bar with 3 door bars on drivers door.

Aftermarket wing/spoiler OK on rear of car.


Engine must remain in stock location.

Stock 4 cylinder engine only. Engine must remain stock as delivered by the factory.

NO Cosworth or rotary engines allowed, No quad-four engines allowed. NO turbo-charged
or supercharged engines allowed.

All engines must be used in the model of car for which they were manufactured.

NO factory or after-market high performance components will be allowed in the engine or
drive train.

Stock carburetor or fuel injection system for the make and model of car being competed.

Stock production air filter element required. NO high performance will be allowed. (K&N ok)
NO cold air system allowed. Cone type must be bolted to intake.

Only water allowed in radiator and cooling system. NO anti-freeze allowed.

May remove exhaust pipe and mufflers.

Weight-2100 lbs.


Only stock suspension parts allowed. NO cutting or lightening of suspension parts allowed.
Springs MAY NOT be heated or shortened to lower car.

NO adjustable strut bushing or altering of stock location on shocks and struts.

Wheels & Tires:

All wheels on car must be the same size and offset. 7" racing wheel OK.

Tires must have DOT stamp for highway use. No performance, trick, gumball, fancy or exotic
tires of any kind allowed. No less than 300 tread wear rating allowed.

Cherokee Speedway reserves the right to disallow any tire from use in competition in the
Extreme 4 class.

Seats & Belts:

Passenger seat and rear seat must be removed..

Aluminum racing seat recommended but may run stock seat. MUST run 5 point racing seat
belts no matter which seat is chosen.

protest in Extreme 4 which must be filed 30 minutes before Main event.

After 1 win, driver must start his/her next race from the rear. ONLY exception is 4 Cyl. Natl’s.

Buy rule: $1500.000 -selling driver may keep seat & belts. Top 4 cars only eligible for buy
rule. Must finish directly behind in finishing order to be able to take advantage of buy rule.
Each driver may only buy 3 cars per season. NO exceptions! Refusal of buy will result in
loss of points & winnings for that race event.

Swap rule: ONLY driver being bought will have the option to swap with driver who is
buying. The driver being bought will keep $200 of the $1500 and buying driver will receive
$1300 back. If either refuses buy or swap, points & winnings are forfeited for that race

Computer Buy Rule: $150- 1st-5th place finishers. Driver finishing furtherest back gets first